Mobile Mechanics of Denver - AUTO REPAIR, RV REPAIR, AND TRUCK REPAIR.
Your vehicle needs liquids (just like people do), and without those fluids, you will have breakdowns, most likely serious breakdowns.
CHECK YOUR OIL!  At least once a month.  If it says add, THEN ADD!!!  If your vehicle runs out of oil and you keep driving, you will burn up your engine.
CHECK YOUR COOLANT LEVEL!  At least once a month.  This means not only in the extra (reservoir) bottle, but IN THE RADIATOR.  Take the radiator cap off and look inside.  If you don't see any fluid, you need to fill it up.  If what you see looks rusty, you need to flush it out.  If you don't know how or where to do this, call and ask us.  You can meet the mechanic on his route, and he will show you.  It will cost you nothing if you go and meet him.  Although he will not be able to check it for you when it has been running and is hot, he will show you where and how to do it when it cools down. 
CHECK YOUR FUEL GAUGE!  Treat your gas tank as if Full is half empty and half empty is empty.  When you run your vehicle with your tank almost empty all of the time, it is very hard on your fuel pump, which is an expensive repair.  Keep it full.  Top it off.  
...and this one is not a liquid, but CHECK YOUR TIMING BELT!  You can't really check it yourself because it is under a cover on either the front or side of your engine, but it needs to be changed, usually around 100,000 miles, but you can call and ask what is recommended for your vehicle.  On some engines if the timing belt is not changed when it should be and it breaks, it can cause "bent valves," which is a very expensive repair.   Call and ask what is recommended for your vehicle.
Make it a habit to glance underneath your vehicle as you walk up to it (and check your driveway or garage floor for fresh liquid spots).  Pay attention.  A small leak caught early can save a lot of problems later on.  Don't ignore something that looks unusual to you.
At Mobile Mechanics, we love our jobs.  We've been a family-owned repair service for 25 years, working to help people just like you by providing convenient customer-friendly service wherever you need it.  One of the reasons we have been in business for so long is that we love what we do.  Whether we are working on your car, scheduling your repair, or trying to walk you through a problem over the phone, we are happy to be working towards achieving your goal -- having your vehicle fixed and on the road.
To be a mobile mechanic takes not only mechanical skill and knowledge but also commitment to the customer.  We work in all types of weather and in all types of locations and situations. From snowstorms to rain to 120-degree heat, we bring our trucks to you 365 days a year so you can be up and running again.
Mobile Mechanics believes in the old-fashioned values of honesty and integrity, and all of our mechanics reflect those values.  We honestly and accurately diagnose your vehicle and never try to oversell service.  We know every vehicle on the road has problems, so we only want to fix your immediate problem at the lowest possible price and not create other expenses for you. 
We don't charge you a service call when you call us to come and look at your vehicle.  We believe we have to be at your vehicle in order to fix it, so we don't pass that expense on to you.  We do charge a diagnostic fee, but then we apply that to the total cost of the repair, which helps keep your total as low as possible.  Our prices are very competitive; we always try to beat other legitimate shops' prices whenever possible. 
Mobile Mechanics is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs, and we would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.